The Vault

If there were a vault in heaven that recorded and stored unused purpose and a vault that recorded and stored records for purpose used, I wonder what those numbers would be and which vault would account for the greatest amount. Let’s imagine that each of those vaults came also housed with the reasons why someone did or didn’t fulfill their purpose. What do you think those reasons would be? Do you believe the “why’s” would be celebrated and the “why nots” would qualify for some sort of waiver based upon someone’s rationale? Let’s think about that for a moment. What are some things we could cash in on as the reason why we can’t fulfill our purpose.

Let’s list some common ones:

“I’m afraid.” “I don’t have the money.” “I have no experience in that area.” “I don’t have the tools or skills. “I don’t have enough education.” “It’s too challenging.” “Didn’t happen for so and so, it definitely won’t happen for me.” “What will they say? What if they don’t like what I do?”

I’m sure you’ve heard some or all of these before. You may have even said them yourself, I sure have. I shared with you in previous posts how long it’s taken me to put my hands to the plow when it comes to my own dreams and purpose. Just in case you didn’t see those posts, it took me 37 years to take myself serious as a writer, 16 years to plant my first garden and one conversation to figure out I could have done both a long time ago.

Let me share this story with you about my garden. The desire to grow a garden had outgrown all of my reasons why. Without putting another thought to it, I got a few items and planted my garden. I had no experience, skill, education or assistance from some amazing master gardener. I got out there, played in the dirt and threw the seeds in the same fashion as someone shooting crap, “survival of the fittest” was my method. Whichever seeds made their way to the top, were the champions of my garden. In no time this amateur YouTube and Facebook gardener had a beautiful baby garden that she could eat from and feed the world, ok, maybe not the world, but a few of us would survive the apocalypse if we ate in teeny tiny bites. I didn’t have a lot of tools. I bought what I could and because I had little knowledge on what I should buy, a few of my tools didn’t survive my gardening passion. I began using spoons from my kitchen (I only used for the garden), sticks from the ground and whatever else would work. My neighbors walk by every day complementing and admiring my garden. I was now a master gardener. One day as I arrived at my garden, I saw a brand spanking new gardening tool, fork like thingy, with the tag still on!!! I was so excited and thankful! So why do I keep going on and on about this garden? Because it taught me a very important lesson about dreams and purpose. Whatever your dreams are, whatever your purpose is, just do it!! In faith, there are no real BARRIERS! Whatever dreams burn in your heart, whatever your purpose is, you have all you need already. The tools, resources, skill and all those necessary things are included in the package of YOU! God built you that way. Our true purpose is doing the will of God. The will of God is fulfilled by walking out purpose. I began planting my garden and some investor delivered the tool!! Boom! If you begin to walk it out, the things you need will meet you where you are! Let’s go!!!!


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