Mini iPhotoshoot

Ok, who wants a mini iPhotoshoot? What exactly is a "Mini iPhotoshoot? Glad you ask. These fun photoshoots are for those who are not looking to spend a lot of money on professional photos but can still get a professional photoshoot with an amazing iPhone! Yep you heard me. Check  out my photo gallery, all of those photos were taken with my iphone. Because there is only so much one can do without an iPhone, services are limited to the following: 

Cute couple photos

Family photos


Individual photos


Packages Include:


1 person 

20 minutes

15 digital images

Photo Release 



1- 3 person(s)

20 minutes

20 digital images

Photo Release 



1- 2 person(s)

40 minutes

30 digital images

Photo Release 

Please do not use the "Buy Now" option unless you are only doing the first package as described for 75.00. For all other packages, you will be invoiced.

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